We are proud to deliver our postcards to Recruits every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays (see due date for cards)

Creating a postcard is easy-breezy for sending Happy Mail :) 

STEP ONE - Click on Send a Card from the home page or your Account Dashboard.

STEP TWO - Choose from one of our images or upload your own photo (Click on the + )

STEP THREE - Add a message and recipient (purple button)

STEP FOUR - Add or modify your "Receipent" according to your branch. If you are sending to a non-recruit address please use "Custom USPS/Military Address."


Once your message and recipient are added, choose your preferred delivery date. You can schedule more than one card for future dates, such as birthdays and holidays. If you are sending the card to a US Postal address, you will not see the delivery dates, but all cards are mailed simultaneously (see schedule).

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